First Time with Hypershot

I decided to try out hypershot for the first time on one of my projects and was thoroughly impressed by it.  I was able to make a turn table movie (kind of, I was able to make the individual frames but still had to compile them together which was a pain) and make some pretty awesome environment renderings. (I can't post the video on this blog without upgrading so I'll probably upload it to another site and link it over at some point.)

For the renderings, I found a high res image of a hospital environment (I had to paint out the gurney that was already in there) and used it as a backplate for the image and for the HDR Image (High Dynamic Range) I used the scenery of a kitchen for the lighting and reflections which turned out pretty decent I thought.

The Project was to work with Carestream to help them design a new type of CBCT Scanner.  It's basically an extremity ct scanner.